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“You see things. You keep quiet about them. And you understand.”

selling pre-loved jpop merchandise (for ph only)
Hi, I'm helping a friend out in selling some of her jpop merchandise. You may mention me @_beoutiful or message me at +639989841566 for details or requests for photos of the items. THE PRICES ARE NOT FINAL, my friend just really wants to get rid of these so maybe we can work something out. Share with your friends, if they might be interested! Thanks a lot!

Okura Tadayoshi (mint condition, Php 350)
NEWS Taipei Concert (mint condition, Php 2000/set, Php 320/pc)

NEWS Single: Hoshi wo Mezashite March 2007 (excellent condition, Php 300)
KAT-TUN Single: Yorokobi no Uta June 2007 (with DVD special, Php 300)

K8 Single: Kanfu Fighting December 2006 (no bracelet, excellent condition Php 200)
NEWS Single: Taiyou no Namida February 2008 (fair condition, Php 200)
NEWS Single: Summer Time May 2008 (excellent condition, Php 200)
NEWS Single: weeeek November 2008 (excellent condition, Php 200)

Johnny's School Calendar: NEWS (2007-2008) (complete set, good condition, Php 400)
Johnny's School Calendar: Kanjani8 (2008-2009) (bargain condition, Php 200)
Johnny's School Calendar: Kanjani8 (2010-2011) (complete set, excellent condition, Php 500)

AnAn April 2007 [Kanjani8 cover] (excellent condition, Php 300)
Potato December 2007 [NEWS cover, K8/HSJ poster] (fair condition, Php 200)
Wink Up January 2008 [Kanjani8 cover and poster] (excellent condition, Php 300)
Myojo January 2008 [KAT-TUN cover] (fair condition, Php 100)
Myojo February 2008 [Arashi cover, HSJ sticker set] (fair condition, Php 200)
BOAO February 2008 [Nishikido Ryo photoshoot] (excellent condition, Php 200)
AnAn February 2008 [Yamashita Tomohisa photoshoot] (excellent condition, Php 500)
Duet July 2008 [KAT-TUN cover, HSJ poster] (mint condition, Php 300)
Myojo December 2008 [NEWS cover, HSJ real size pin up] (good condition, Php 200)
Potato May 2009 [NEWS cover, NEWS/KT poster] (good condition, Php 300)

NEWS 2007 Photobook (mint condition, Php 1000)

Arashi Photoset 2008 (1pc, Php 50)
NEWS Photoset 2008 (4pcs, Php200)
Kanjani8 Photoset 2008 (1pc, Php 50)